You Can Rent the Oscar Mayer Wienermobile on Airbnb This Summer - and It Comes With Hot Dogs

Dreams come in all shapes and sizes. Sometimes that shape is a giant hot dog car. And this summer, Oscar Mayer is helping make a few dreams come true for some lucky hot dog lovers by — for the first time ever — letting people book a one-night stay in the Oscar Mayer Wienermobile on Airbnb.

The one-bed, one-bathroom traveling giant hot dog can accommodate up to two guests at a time and will be available in Chicago on the nights of August 1, 2 and 3 — which also happens to be Lollapalooza weekend for those who want a bit of music to coincide with sleeping in a hot dog. The listing is currently up on Airbnb at, but reservation requests won’t open until Wednesday, July 24. Oscar Mayer says reservation “will roll out throughout the day,” so you’ll need to keep checking back to see when requests are open. To be considered, you’ll need to have a verified Airbnb profile with positive reviews. The first person who meets those qualifications will be accepted for each night, earning the opportunity to book this 27-foot-long American icon for $136 plus tax and fees.
And as if spending the night in the Wienermobile wasn’t awesome enough, the vehicle will also be decked with other swag. “Amenities include a mini fridge stocked with Oscar Mayer hot dogs and all the Chicago-style hot dog essentials, an Oscar Mayer roller grill to take home, an outdoor space for comfortable hot dog eating and a custom Wienermobile art piece by local artist Laura Kiro,” the listing explains. “And to help you celebrate your love of hot dogs during your visit, each guest also will receive a welcome kit, complete with all the hot dog-inspired accessories you could want after a music-filled, festival day.”

The only bad news is that your reservation will not give you the opportunity to drive the Wienermobile, but that’s probably for the best: I can’t even imagine how many points you get on your license if you accidentally blow a stop sign in that thing. Source: 1

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