The Best Fall Trip Ideas for Every Zodiac Sign

Many aspects of your life can impact your travel preferences — a valuable lesson we all learn the more we trek. We choose destinations, lodging, and excursions using a number of factors like budget, timing, and what we hope to get out of the trip. However, one often overlooked variable of travel isn’t based on anything you think you'd enjoy, but the day you were born.

As astrologers explain, our zodiac signs can often dictate what we tend to seek out of a vacation, what we’re most interested in experiencing while out-of-office, and countless other facets of our travel personalities. We spoke with three astrologers to get the scoop on what drives each sign as they plan their next adventures.

This fall, let the stars be your travel advisors and head to these destinations.

1. Aries: Cebu, Philppines or Brimingham, England
Mar. 21 - Apr. 19
According to astrologer and cofounder of Austin Fischer Astrogenomics Jay Austin, the ram of the solar system will seek a sexy international escape this season. Since you’ll be feeling impulsive after November 8, he suggests setting your sights toward an exotic destination like Cebu Island in the Philippines. It's known for impressive diving and snorkeling, where you might catch a glimpse of a whale shark in its impossibly blue waters. The off-season price tag will be intriguing, too.

If you can’t travel quite that far, head to Birmingham, England. Celebrity astrologer Kristin West called it “Europe’s Youngest City,” and it’s also home to quite a bit of nostalgia from your childhood. From Cadbury chocolates to sights that served as inspiration for much of J.R.R. Tolkien’s work, your ignited creativity will have you dreaming up possibilities as you get lost in the wonder of this little town.

2. Taurus: Madrid, Spain or Cusco, Pero
Apr. 20 - May 20
This Fall, astrologer Christopher Renstrom said Taurus will feel the urge to find a place to park it and watch the grass grow. Or rather chatting with locals, since your vivacious personality is ready to put those new Duolingo phrases to use. For the bull, he suggests redeeming your travel points for a trip to the capital of Spain. “Come for the changing leaves, the chestnuts, the mushrooms, and the wine,” he said. “The tourists are all gone and you can view the Prado at your leisure or just hang out the spa at the Senator Gran Via." His one word of travel advice for the bull? Try a digital detox. Since people born under Taurus tend to be workaholics, it’s important for you to unplug from your mobile device and recharge your batteries in some place where no one will look for you.

If you’re hoping to head south instead of east, Austin recommended Cusco, Peru as a potentially impactful destination for you. Since transformative Pluto is under the same sign, any journey you take this fall will have an undeniable impression on your life. Since Cusco is rich with history, it might inspire you to learn more about your own roots — or create a newfound appreciation for something deeper. Spending time at Machu Pichu witnessing one of the wonders of the world is enough to open your senses and mind. And if you’re coupled up? Taking your partner along for the journey could bring you both closer.

3. Gemini: Rome, Italy or Dubrovnik, Croatia
May 21 - Jun. 20
If you're familiar with mythology, you know Rome is rumored to be founded by twins Remus and Romulus, making it an ideal spot for the multi-faceted Gemini. “Rome was the home of some of history’s most profound orators, and a Gemini always appreciates a great speech and the written word,” West said. During the fall season, the rush of the summer has dwindled, allowing you more time to chit-chat in your limited-but-wine-confident Italian throughout the streets of this ancient city.

Another stop recommended this autumn for Geminis is nearby: Dubrovnik, Croatia. According to Renstrom, a Gemini will find plenty to fill their travel days with in this Adriatic coastal town. Whether you try the locally caught octopus or take a “Game of Thrones” tour, Croatia is a growing destination for many travelers. For the ever-curious Gemini, the best news is they can explore even more during the fall. It's the off-season for this part of the world, making nightly rates more affordable.

4. Cancer: New York or Kyoto, Japan
Jun. 21 - Jul. 22
Of all the zodiac signs, West said Cancer has one of the deepest appreciations for history, making The Big Apple an exciting shift from their traditional homebody-like nature. West recommends scouting out the city’s historic points of interest, including the Edgar Allan Poe Cottage, the Van Cortlandt House Museum, the Bartow-Pell Mansion, and Ellis Island.

Another layer of a Cancer’s personality is their affinity for food, since Renstrom said the crab is a natural-born chef. “Anthony Bourdain was born under your sign and, like him, you will travel the world in search of the best culinary experience,” he explained. So go where the greats go and visit Kyoto. When you’re not eating all the noodles and tofu you can find, grab a bike and get to sightseeing: “There are lots of temples and shrines and the leaves are turning red. You can even hike and then soak your weary limbs in one of the many hot springs along the way.” And Cancers love a good hot bath, or as the Japanese call them, an onsen.

5. Leo: Buenos Aire, Argentina or Kruger National Park, South Africa
Jul. 23 - Aug. 22
Packing your most stylish outfits for a grand affair somewhere luxe is your ideal vacation, Leo. As Austin said, you might be jetting off to a destination wedding or just looking for an excuse to fly first class this fall. Consider the romantic and fiery vibe of Argentina’s capital, Buenos Aires. Here, you can sample some of the best cuts of meat in the world, and tango your way into the early hours of the morning, since nothing gets started in this town until after midnight.

Renstrom said Leo’s ruling planet is the biggest star of all: the sun. This makes you stand out from the crowd and have an engrained desire to feel special, as if you’re royalty. For an adventure unlike any other this fall, see the king of the jungle with a long-awaited safari and glamping experience in South Africa’s Kruger National Park. Plan your trip for the dry months of September and October and you’ll have the best chance of seeing plenty of wildlife. “This is when watering holes are packed with thirsty elephants, zebras, and giraffes. Plus, the foliage is bare, which lends itself to the best views of dozing big cats soaking up the [sun].”

6. Virgo: Vermont and Massachusetts or Eleusis, Greece
Aug. 23 - Sept. 22
While your typical trip-planning habits may be extensive — creating a packing list (and checking it twice) or scheduling out every last minute of your itinerary — the ever-tenacious Virgo needs a break sometimes, too. Renstrom recommends a visit to New England, specifically Vermont, to help you find your zen. “The best time to view the fall foliage is in October and that’s also the time to visit the arts and crafts shops and go antiquing. This speaks to every Virgo’s love of perfection, simplicity, and detail,” he explained. “Admiring the handiwork that goes into furniture making, quilts, and pottery will not only be inspirational it will also get you to up your game.” Nothing gives a Virgo greater joy than discovering that weather-beaten, forgotten object in the back of the store and performing some restorative magic on it.

If you want to head a little further away from home, West suggests a visit to Eleusis, Greece. Far from the islands but not too long a drive from Athens, you’ll find yourself transfixed by the stories this ancient town has to tell. “A trip here would be a deeply transformative pilgrimage for Virgos,” she added.

7. Libra: Tibet or Vietnam
Sept. 23 - Oct. 22
If you’ve been feeling a bit off-center lately, West said it’s normal. Because of how the fall equinox is impacting your sign, you might be craving a renewed sense of balance for your lifestyle. A trip to the Far East could provide the clarity you’ve been craving. Make sure to bring someone with you, since partnership makes you feel fulfilled and cherished. She suggests a trip to Tibet, where you can leave your comfort zone to explore — and then head to one of its countless spas for some quality R&R afterward.

Renstrom adds that your lifelong quest for harmony presents obstacles in your life that traveling to Asia this fall could help to alleviate or shift. The key is to see the silver lining. “Libras are often accused of being unable to make up their minds and of vacillating whenever it comes to making a big decision. Actually, this back-and-forth wishy-washiness stems from ‘goldilocks syndrome.’ You don’t want things to be too hot or too cold, but just right,” he said. That’s why a trip to Vietnam in October — your birth month — could be impactful. “It’s the only time of year when the microclimates are just right: it’s not too cold in the north and it’s not too hot in the south. Vietnam is famous for its breathtaking beauty, its friendly people, and its easy access to Angkor Wat, the most awe-inspiring and contemplative of Buddhist temples.”

8. Scorpio: New Orleans, Louisiana or Oaxaca, Mexico
Oct. 23 - Nov. 21
Since your birthday falls so close to Halloween, West said you’re naturally attuned to the spiritual rhythms of fall. This means your travel schedule should veer toward the non-traditional, with a visit somewhere intense and mysterious. Her top pick is none other than New Orleans. Here, a Scorpio sojourner will spend plenty of time checking off the sightseeing spots, while also getting lost in the lively magic that fills the streets.

If you want go international, Renstrom recommends celebrating the Day of the Dead in Oaxaca, Mexico, a five hour drive from Mexico City. Since your sign is ruled by Pluto — which is named after the Roman god of the underworld — you’re intrigued by anything that’s a bit dark. “Pluto rules over everything that’s buried beneath the earth. That can be corpses and seeds as well as precious metals and more,” she said. Though you’ll want to deck out in the traditional tribal masks and colors, it’s worth an upgrade to have a luxe experience. “Scorpios are obsessed with wealth — whether it’s financial wealth or the wealth of experience passed down through our ancestors. So what better place to celebrate the Day of the Dead than Oaxaca? It’s rich in history and has amazing food."

9. Sagittarius: Camino de Santiago or Albuquerque, New Mexico/Reno, Nevada
Nov. 22 - Dec. 21
In terms of travel, no other sign quite compares to a Sagittarius' spirit. Renstrom said that, as an eternal optimist, you always find a way around every situation and see the beauty in the trial. Your desire to explore the world draws you to getaways that are not only far-flung, but also lengthy, making a long trek worthwhile — say, a month-long journey that takes you from France to Portugal and, eventually, to Spain. “Early autumn is the perfect time to don a scallop shell and walk the Camino de Santiago,” Renstrom said. “It’s a wonderful way to see the French and Spanish countryside and although a bit of a trek, you’ll also meet up with people you never would have met before and that — in and of itself — will broaden your horizons.”

If you can’t take that much time off, don’t worry. West said fall is a particularly good time to check off any one of your bucket-list activities. She suggests the Albuquerque Hot Air Balloon Festival in October or the Reno Lantern Festival later in the fall: “Lighting up the night sky with their very own lantern would be a dream come true for a Sagittarius.”

10. Capricorn: London, England or Singapore
Dec. 22 - Jan. 19
Capricorns love anything old. It isn’t nostalgia per se, but rather, the faded glory that speaks to your melancholic nature. According to Renstrom, it was the Capricorns who used to tour the ruins of Greece and Rome in the 18th and 19th centuries — marveling at the Parthenon or picnicking beneath the aqueducts. Nowadays, they're drawn to the great houses of England, he said. You should explore Highclere Castle, Blenheim Palace, Leeds Castle, and Chatsworth House in the fall. “You’ll beat the summer tourists. People won’t be wearing shorts. And you can pretend you’re Maggie Smith tossing off witty quips here and there with your inside voice. She’s a Capricorn, after all.”

11. Aquarius: Russia or Anchorage, Alaska
Jan. 20 - Feb. 18
Your sign is ruled by Saturn, which is the leader of time and tradition. And also by Uranus, which leads revolution and disruption. This means you crave a juxtaposition of old and new on vacation, making Russia a destination that satisfies both ideologies. Because it’s a more turbulent location right now, your sense of unique curiosity will bring a level head and a sense of adventure to the trip — especially since you’ll likely be drinking the local varieties. “Aquarius is known as the water-bearer or cupbearer, and no trip to Russia would be complete without a tasting of Russia’s best vodkas,” West said.

If Russia isn’t within your current scope, visit Alaska.  Austin said you’re feeling especially frisky this fall thanks to Scorpio’s influence, and it’s pushing you outside of your normal wanderlust. You might have even enjoyed great career success recently, making your budget more comfortable than in years past. He suggests upgrading to a luxe, five-star experience, like an Alaskan cruise that’ll take you through the breathtaking sites in style.

12. Pisces: Great Barrier Reef or Toronto, Canada
Feb. 19 - Mar. 20
Because you were born under Neptune, named after the Roman god of the seas, you feel a special connection to the ocean — and the realm of imagination and dreams. “These are the most phantasmal areas of our psyche, the wellspring for the pictures and symbols that guide our most creative ventures. And, like the ocean, our dream life resides in a world apart from our waking world,” Renstrom said. An offseason visit to the Great Barrier Reef in September and October, when it’s best for diving, will be rewarding on both levels. “Temperatures are mild and the rainy season hasn’t started, which means clear viewing and no jellyfish.”

Another option for those who don’t have the time for that long a flight is Toronto. According to Austin, Jupiter has been giving Pisces endless options for international travel, so you might be growing weary of long, overseas trips and want to make a quick jaunt north for a long weekend. In Canada's capital, you can experience the local food, see the sights, and even stay in for a night if you'd like. Source: 1

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