In Photos: The Fall Wildflower Bloom

Most people associate fall with arrival of vibrant foliage; spectacular reds, oranges, and yellows blanket towns around the world while tree-lined roads are set ablaze by the changing leaves. But often-overlooked are the the wildflower blooms that happen in destinations across the planet. It might seem unusual—flowers blooming in the fall, rather than in the spring or summer—but these blossoms are well worth planning an autumn trip around.

From the deserts of California to southern Scotland, from Tasmania to Azerbaijan, beautiful wildflowers pop up all over the world at the end of th Summer: and we're willing to bet you'll find them just as fantastic as the foliage-covered towns in New England. So if you were planning that fall road trip just based on where to do the best leaf peeping, check out the photos below. You may very well want to add a few destinations to your itinerary.

1. Owens River Valley, CA
Every year in California's Owens River Valley, Rabbitbrush and fall cottonwoods bloom in beautiful shades of yellow.
2. Dumfries, Scotland
During autumn in Dumfries, Scotland, a blanket of white wildflowers covers the forest floor.
3. Norland, West Yorkshire, UK
The evergreen heather shrub blooms every year in Norland, West Yorkshire in the United Kingdom. The effect is a purple carpet, usually in the moorland areas.
4. Pirkuli, Azebaijan
Purple autumn crocuses bloom in a field in Pirkuli, Azerbaijan.
5. National Azumino Park, Nagano, Japan
A field of vibrant cosmos blossom at National Azumino Park in Nagano, Japan.
6. Mitten Rock, NM
Blooming yellow desert shrubs surround the rock formations at Mitten Rock, New Mexico.
7. Haytor Dartmoor National Park, UK
Gorse and heather blossom on the slopes of Haytor Dartmoor National Park in the United Kingdom.
8. Glacier National Park, MT
Fireweed flowers blaze in a field in Glacier National Park, Montana.
9. Tasmania, Australia
Yellow autumn wildflowers blanket a valley in the West Coast Range of Tasmania, Australia.
10. Blue Creek Conservation, OH
Purple asters and yellow goldenrod flower at the Blue Creek Conservation area in Ohio.
11. Vermont
A field of goldenrod flowers surround a red maple in Vermont. Here, fall foliage meets massive wildflower bloom.
12. Gloucestershire, UK
Crocus flowers grow in the autumn in Abbotswood, Gloucestershire in the United Kingdom.
13. White Mountains, NH
A field of purple wildflowers blooms at Crawford Notch in New Hampshire's White Mountains. Source: here

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