18 Beautiful Photos of Fall From Around The World

As the sticky weather and easy vibes of summer fade, the cooler, more grounded climes of the fall season assert their dominance, and the effect is bitter-sweet. While it's easy to mourn the loss of beach days, sliced watermelon, and a decent base-tan, fall does a pretty amazing job at easing the passage, offering alternate joys like apple picking and pumpkin beer. Chief among fall's benefits? The brilliant, kaleidoscopic landscapes that come with the changing leaves.

There's no doubt that the reds and yellows of the changing leaves make the dropping temperatures a little easier to handle. Think of it the way Albert Camus did. He once wrote, "Autumn is a second spring, when every leaf is a flower."

Obviously a long weekend in New England or a scenic road trip would be just the thing to herald in autumn, but for those who can't make it to the American northeast (or any other amazing place to see fall foliage around the world), there are plenty of fall photos to get you in the spirit.

So as the days become shorter and the air becomes crisper, think not of the popsicles of the past, but of the pumpkin spice lattes of the present (and, if you're a go-getter, the Christmas cookies of the future). Think not of blended margaritas but of inspired fall cocktails like the Red Maple Swizzle or the Ginger Snap. Think not of sundresses but of leather jackets. Not of lake shores but of corn mazes.

So go on. Embrace the leafy landscapes and celebrate autumn's brightest hues with our collection of amazing pictures of fall from around the globe. And, yes, there's way more than Vermont and New Hampshire represented—think Kyoto, Japan; Umbria, Italy; and Loch Awe, Scotland. Source: here

1. Kyoto, Japan
2. Loch Awe, Scotland
3. Central Park, New York
4. Stockholm, Sweden
5. Lake Hallstaetter, Austria
6. Boston, Massachusetts
7. Niagara Falls
8. White Mountais National Forest, New Hampshire
9. The Louvre, Paris, France
10. New York, New York
11. Paris, France
12. Sleepy Hollow Farm, Vermont
13. Navajo Tribal Park, Arizona
14. London, England
15. Denali, Alaska
16. Yosemite National Park, California
17. Umbria, Italy
18. Tuscany, Italy

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